Fueling Innovation:Your Trusted Partner for Superior Chemical Industrial Products

Tabira takes pride in being your premier supplier of high-quality chemical industrial products, propelling advancements in Iraq’s crucial industries. We offer a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge solutions from leading global brands, empowering you with reliable and efficient options for your diverse needs. Whether you operate in oil & gas, refineries, or other chemical processing sectors, our expertise and product range ensure you have the tools to excel.

Our Products


Unlock intricate process details with Tabira's impressive selection of laboratory analyzers. Partner with us to tap into cutting-edge equipment from renowned brands like NORMALAB, WTW, and SIGMA. Beyond supply, we offer essential spare parts and dedicated after-sales support for seamless operation and maximized productivity.

02Petroleum Glassware

Elevate your laboratory's capabilities with Tabira's selection of premium petroleum glassware, specifically designed for analyzing petroleum products. As Iraq's leader in this domain, we offer a diverse range of high-quality glass equipment perfectly adapted to your analyzers, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

03Laboratory Liquids

Obtain essential chemical liquids for your oil & gas operations and refineries with confidence. Tabira leverages its strong relationships with renowned global brands to provide you with a wide selection of fluids that meet stringent global standards. Ensure consistent performance and accurate analysis with our reliable and high-quality laboratory liquids.

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