Powering Progress with Reliable Electrical Solutions

At Tabira, we understand the critical role of reliable electrical equipment in driving industrial progress. As your trusted partner, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality electrical products from leading global brands. Whether you’re in oil & gas, power generation, water treatment, or any other demanding sector, we have the solutions to seamlessly power your operations and contribute to Iraq’s economic growth.

Our Products


We offer diverse industrial motors (single & three-phase, synchronous, induction, explosion-proof) for any need. Our robust, reliable, and efficient motors are built with cutting-edge technology to ensure smooth operation and minimal downtime. Our experts can help you choose the perfect motor for optimal performance.


We offer a wide range of power and distribution equipment, from high-voltage transformers to low-voltage switchgear, across various industries. Find your perfect solution with our diverse offerings, including custom-designed transformers up to 25MVA at 33000V. Our reliable transformers ensure consistent power distribution, backed by excellent customer service for your peace of mind.

03Measurement Tools

Control pressure, temperature, level, and flow with our top-of-the-line measurement tools. Accuracy, durability, and advanced features guarantee reliable data for smart decisions. Expert guidance helps you choose the perfect fit for your needs, optimizing your process for maximum efficiency.


Protect your equipment, workforce, and the environment with our premium air filtration and air purification systems. We offer diverse solutions for various industries, including gas turbines, air purification, and industrial automation. Whether you require improved air quality for your workers or want to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, our efficient filters provide the perfect answer.

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