Powering Industries, Fueling Progress: Tabira's Comprehensive Mechanical Solutions

At Tabira, we’re passionate about empowering industrial progress across Iraq. As your trusted partner, we offer a diverse portfolio of high-performance mechanical products, sourced from leading global brands to deliver exceptional outcomes for your specific needs.

Our Products


Generate a reliable flow of air for diverse applications, from wastewater treatment and pneumatic conveying to industrial processes and power generation. Our robust blowers, from world-class manufacturers like Robuschi and Elmo Rietschle, cater to various pressure and vacuum requirements, maximizing efficiency and minimizing energy consumption.


Ensure a steady supply of compressed air with our diverse range of compressors, suitable for a wide spectrum of industrial needs. Whether you require oil-free compressed air for sensitive applications or heavy-duty oil-lubricated models for demanding tasks, we offer reliable and efficient solutions from leading manufacturers like CompAir.


Handle various liquids with ease and reliability using our extensive selection of pumps. From centrifugal self-priming pumps for quick and efficient water transfer to multistage pumps for high-pressure applications and submersible pumps for challenging environments, we have the perfect solution for your needs, backed by the quality and expertise of finest manufacturers


Take control of your flow systems with our comprehensive range of valves, controls, and accessories. We offer a variety of valve types, from simple gate and globe valves to complex control valves, all sourced from genuine manufacturers, ensuring precise flow management and optimal system performance.

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